Tchiloli (or txiloli) is a form of theatre, music and dance, originating in Portugal in the 16th century, and still persistent on the island of São Tomé, in São Tomé and Príncipe. As the Auto da Floripes, characteristic of Príncipe Island, is inspired by one of the episodes of the Charlemagne cycle, more precisely the Tragedy of the Marquis of Mantua and the Emperor Carloto Magno, a play from the mid-16th century by the Madeiran playwright Baltazar Dias, spent in the court of Emperor Charlemagne. Performed in ancient and modern Portuguese by local companies, made up only of men, with an assumed anachronism, it presents slaves and mestizos, masked and costumed in the European style. At the same time, syncretic, subversive and mystical, and at the crossroads of several traditions, this peculiar work lends itself to different levels of reading.

Normally Txiloli is a activity of 8 hours perfomance. we have prepared this summary of 2:30, with the aim of making our visitors enjoy and get to know a little bit about this cultural activity.

You will enjoy! We guarantee

Duration: 01:30 hours

Start time: 15:00 | Only Sunday

Place: Caixão Grande

Base Price: 30€/pax (see Policies and Disclaimers)

Note: We can organize Transfer to activity Point

1 Person 30€ 
2 Persons 50€
5 Persons 75€
10 Persons 220€