Go Go PRINCIPE - Roça, Beach, History and People

This tour aims to take our client to know the island of the principe in one day.

It is a car tour, where you explore all the interesting points of the island, including roads, belvederes, beaches and hotels.


Note 1: Can be added on this tour, the walk to the Oque Pipi waterfall.

Note 2: If we add Oque Pipi trek, will not possible to do Visit to Roça Abade.

Note 3: Depending of where you are lodged, we can change the order of visits.

Tour Description:

  1. Departure from the city at 8 am to the south, passing through the farming communities of St Cristo, Novo Estrela, with a mandatory stop at the Nova Estrela Mirador, with view to Boné Joquei islet.
  2. Next if the guest choose to do add the trekking to OQue Pipi, on return we will visit to Roça Terreiro Velho of Cláudio Corallo.  (Optional)
  3. if Trekk was not added, we will visit Roça Abade and fisherman bay.  (Optional)
  4. At 12pm, return to city where our guest can enjoy a lunch (Optional)
  5. After lunch, we will continue to Roça Porto Real with a visit to the Cooperative for the Valorisation of Residues and transformation of glass residues into Jewelry.
  6. A stroll through the Sundy Roads follows a visit to the former Governor's House, now restored by the HBD Group, hosting today a 4-star Hotel - Sundy Roça Hotel and then a visit to the framework of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, demonstrated by the English astronomer Arthur Edington on May 29, 2019, in the same place.
  7. After that we will visit another restored roça, the roça Belo monte and their stunning mirador to Banana Beach.
  8. Follow the walk through the Monkey Beach and finish with a swim in Boi Beach.
  9. If we have enought time we can add visit to Bom Bom resort , Sundy Beach 5* star and Makaira (Extra Fee can be added.)

Duration: 8 hours

Recommended Start time: 8:00 am

Base Price: 70€/pax (see Policies and Disclaimers)

Includes: Driver/Guide, Car, Fuel 

Policies & disclaimers

  • The minimum number of people required to start the tour is 2 people or the payment of the equivalent of 2 people.
  • Meals price is not included in the start rate. We will add the meal price according of selected restaurant.
  • Our company will offer a discount for groups bigger than 2 persons.