Trekking to Pico Papagaio.

It is one of the highest peaks of the island of prince and with accesses that allow to reach the highest point. The peak is located in the heart of the natural park, where it will be possible to observe endemic species such as the Tordo of the prince, the parrot, monkeys and other species.

At the highest point, the client will enjoy a unique view to different points of the island.




Duration: 4 Hours

Difficulty: Hard

Distance: 7,5 Km

Height: 680 m

Base Price: (From start point)

Transfer to/from start point: (if you have rented a car, you don´t need the need transfer - Please ask for cotation if needed)


TR1 - Santa Joaquina Lookout Price
1 Person 45€ 
2 Persons 60€ 
3 Persons 70€ 
5 Persons 80€ 
6 Persons 90€
7 Persons 100€
8 Persons 110€