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Do you know any physical activity easier than walking?

This hike is an incredible 3 hours adventure by Mé Zochi district trek, where you have the privilege to feel nature, see beautiful scenery, find a variety of fruits like the famous cocoa Sao Tome and Principe, coffee , jaca and various medicinal plants.

The hike begin in S. Fenicia (Mé Zochi district),following the road that gives access to Roça Laura crossing through the incredible bridge Pinheira which is an old colonial infrastructure on the Rio Manuel Jorge.

Finally, you reach the waterfall called "Guegue Waterfall" which is one of the lost and virgin waterfalls of São Tomé Island.

Location: Central Zone

Difficulty level: Medium - Low

Included:Transfer from City to Saint Fenicia and return, Cocoa proof;

Recommendation: Use light clothing, walking shoes and water;

Price: 20 € / person (minimum 5 people) - NOTE: We can do with less than 5 persons





What Client Say

Nota mil... Having the great time ever
Nice house, food, people.

Alexandra Andrade Cordeiro

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